Parents And Grandparents Massage These Parts Of A Baby’s Foot When They’re Crying Or Upset

Newborn babies suffer from lots of issues like stomach pain, discomfort from constipation, teeth pain, etc. And the only way to express their pain is through crying. They can’t express the real issue and this makes us really worried. However, there is nothing to worry about as this is very common in the babies and we all keep facing such issues with the babies. What you need to do is to make use of the reflexology technique which is said to calm down the crying baby immediately.

Reflexology treatment is actually very helpful and I have been benefitted a lot through it. It has a great positive impact on the baby’s health. But, you need to first know the reflex points. Most of the reflex points of babies are in the foot. All the different parts of the foot are connected to some special organ, muscle and body parts. So, by pressing that particular area, you can easily calm down your crying baby.

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Here I have listed the most useful reflex points of the baby’s feet. So, have a read.

  • When your baby is teething, the situation is really difficult; they suffer from a lot of pain. And you can help her by pressing the tips of her toe area. Massage center in Bangalore has great experts for baby massage. So, you can also contact with them to have a better idea on this.
  • The center of the toes is another reflex points that work wonder for sinuses and cold. Just gently massage the center of the toes and it will calm down your crying baby easily.
  • Congestion in lungs is very common in the babies which is caused by issues like cold and infection. And this disturbs the babies a lot. They face difficulties in breathing, sleeping and eating. But, if you start massaging the ball points of the feet located just below the toes, it will help your baby to feel much better. I have used this trick so many times and believe me; it worked great for my babies.
  • If your baby is suffering from stomach-ache, gas pain or other similar issues, gently press the center points of their upper foot pad and it will work excellent to sooth them. Massage center in Bangalore offers all such massage technique. So, you can visit a center once to know more about the reflexology treatment.
  • Is your baby crying a lot for the indigestion kind of issue? Gently press the centre point of their foot that is located just below the upper foot pad. This reflex points work for several issues like heartburn, constipation and indigestion.
  • There are several reasons why babies feel pain in the pelvis and thankfully parents and grandparents, you can use the heel area to calm them immediately. Just massage the heel of the babies in a circular motion and it will alleviate the pain soon.
  • If your babies have lower abdomen issue such as bloating, unusual gas, etc., just press the parts between the middle and heel of their foot. And it will relax them greatly.

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